Mobizen Screen Recorder APK v Latest version Download [25.52MB]

Mobizen Screen Recorder another interesting application that Android users must download. This is a screen recording application for the Android mobile operating system, and here it allows users to record everything that happens in your handset screen. 

Mobile operating systems are now increasing facilities for users by using several options on smartphones. Here they users official mobile apps to enhance the device performances. Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems, like iOS. With  Android and iOS operating systems now we can see a collection of default applications originally released. Those apps are agreed with OS restrictions and limitations. That’s why they default released with OS. On Behalf of the default apps, there are thousands of other apps that come with extensive facilities. Some of those apps completely free and some of them required a payment. Google Play Store and App Store is the official application stores for Android and iOS. Here users can easily download those apps from there without any mess. Mobizen Screen Recorder is that type of interesting application. Here it is an Android supported application that allows users to directly download from Google play store.

What is Mobizen Screen Recorder ?

Mobizen Screen Recorder is an Android-based application. Here it allows users to download the app for the Android system easily and then users have the freedom to record everything that is happening in your mobile device screen. Now there are varieties of screen recording apps available. So finding the best app is the responsibility of users. Most of the applications harmful and they do not properly work sometimes. But Mobizen Screen Recorder is a wonderful solution, and here you can use it for several purposes in screen recording. The application is completely safe and does not include any harmfulness. 

Mobizen Screen Recorder designed with several facilities to increase user performance of the application. It included several features and functions with better performances, and for now, you can easily download the app directly from the Google play store. Screen recorder allows users to notice can record everything. Here users can take screenshots as well. So now you can record games while paying it, record video calls and conferences, record a movie or a song while playing it and any other thing.  

Mobizen Screen Recorder comes within a standard format for record videos.   So users have the freedom to record a quality video using this tool. To create high-quality footages, screenshots and then share them with social media are the opportunities provided this Mobizen Screen Recorder.

More about the Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder includes major features to increase the performances of the application. Here the tool allows users to record Android device screen, screen capturing, multiple editings, advanced settings menu, and popular face cam. So now we are going to have an idea about those main categories that are included in the Mobizen Screen Recorder. 

Screen recording

Mobizen Screen Recorder is the best way for getting a screen record on your device screen. Screen recording is the primary function base with this Mobizen Screen Recorder, and now it allows users to record everything that appears on the screen. 

The tool is user-friendly and straightforward. So it does not ask for an advanced knowledge use work with the app. To begin the recordings, you have to tap on the record button.  After that, the recording process begins. 

Screen capturing

Likewise, screen recording, screen capturing is another function that releases for users. So it allows users to take screenshots as well. For that, you have to tap on the capture option to take screenshots. Here you can easily take screen captures, and those snaps can be easily saved in the device gallery. 

Video editing – Image editing

Now users can easily edit all the recording and images that have been taken from the app easily. The application includes several editing tools and categorized them in the Circle menu. Here it provides outro video, intro video, trimming, screenshots, and background music. Those facilities affect for increasing the performances of the video. 

Settings menu

Another essential part of the application. It includes advanced settings to increase the performances of the application, and in the settings menu, it is divided into some categories based on customized videos, captures, and more. 

Face cam

Here it can be described as the smartest feature of the Mobizen Screen Recorder. The face can allow recording both sounds and stress of the footage. 

Mobizen Screen Recorder – Features

Mobizen Screen Recorder designed with dozens of features and functions. It has a powerful system, and this is not anymore a harmful one. So let’s see what those elegant features of the screen recorder that we can freely enjoy from the application are.

  • Simple management process 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Simple UI design 
  • Smart facilities
  • Screen recording facility and screenshot availability
  • Face cam
  • Advanced settings menu  
  • Video editing facility 
  • Image editing facility 
  • Simple layout and overall design 
  • Customizing methods  and more 

How to download and install the Mobizen Screen Recorder?

Because of the marvellous performances and benefits, Android users now get in touch with Mobizen Screen Recorder. So now they are looking for download and install the application. 

Mobizen Screen Recorder included in Google Play store. So users can easily download the application through the Play store. By the way, the app allows other direct download links as well. However, the safest way is the Google Play store, and for all the Smart Android devices, the path is clear. The download process is simple, and users have the freedom to continue the process easily. 

Here now you can follow the process for download and install Mobizen Screen Recorder. 

Step 01. Users have to open the Google Play store application.

Step 02. Then search for “Mobizen Screen Recorder”. There you can see the results

Step 03. To begin the download process, tap on the install button. 

Step 04. Finally, the overall process takes only a few seconds, and then you can freely install the application to your Android smartphone.

Finally, Android users now can easily use the downloaded  Mobizen Screen Recorder for screen recordings on your mobile device, and this is the way to record everything that is happening in your handset. 

Safety and legality of Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder included in Google Play store. It means this is one of the safest tools and using this does not make any harmfulness.  So here, users and devices are overall protected. 


Android users now have a wonderful opportunity for screen recording. That is Mobizen Screen Recorder. This is a small app that supports users to record device screen in high-quality resolution and sounds. The tool comes in HD quality and no other premium updates needed here. So now you can try this app, it is completely free. 

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