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ActivePresenter is one of the best software that supports your PC. Now you can use it to take screenshots and, it can use to record screencasts as well. So this is the best way to create videos that you wish and, you are free to use your PC device with a huge full screen. Download ActivePresenter is a completely free process. Now you can directly download the latest version of ActivePresenter within a few seconds. 


Rather than other software, ActivePresenter is an intelligent application as it has the power to take intelligent and quick screenshots. Here it includes powerful tools for editing purposes. So it is easy to create presentations and then you can very quickly convert them to video formats. ActivePresenter application support WMV, AVI, MPEG-4, FLV, MP4, HTML formats in video converting, and interactive simulation for Flash and AJAX. In documents here it supports PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS formats. 

What is ActivePresenter ?

ActivePresenter has now supported both windows and mac operating system versions. It means without any mess you can directly download the latest ActivePresenter version for your windows operating system and your mac operating system. While downloading the application, here it does not affect your device privacy policy and, ActivePresenter is completely safe. 

For screen recordings, video recordings, sound recordings, image editings, add texts, and do many functions this is a powerful environment. 

ActivePresenter Download

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

 More about ActivePresenter 

ActivePresenter is one of the best software for screencasting and is known as wonderful software for eLearning. Fortunately, all the windows operating system users and mac operating system users get the freedom to freely download the application. Here it allows creating several types of software demonstrations, quizzes, and simulations for software. 

ActivePresenter is the best way to export collections of images, HTML formatting slideshows, documents. It supports several formats such as PDF, Excel, and Microsoft Word, all the presentations that create with Microsoft PowerPoint, different types of videos such as AVI, WMV, MP4, WebM and flash videos, interactive simulations such as, Adobe Flash and HTML5. 

When concerned about eLearning facilities, the ActivePresenter application has the ability to exported materials into formats such as xAPI or SCORM. Mouse hovers, right and left mouse clicks, modifier keypresses support for software simulations. Here all the PowerPoint presentations can easily convert for videos. Sometimes some animations effects may miss while using the tool to convert files indirectly but this is the best way to convert among several video formats. 

ActivePresenter support to save those captured screenshots in higher quality. Here you can use the audio track, no watermarks, no tile limitations, polish the quality of screenshots, edit video and audio files, use simple commands such as crop, cut, delete, adjust volumes and merge. 


ActivePresenter Editions

With the ActivePresenter application, there are three editions available. Those are the free edition, standard edition, and the pro edition. Totally they are different in prices.  

Free Edition – This is a freeware. So it does not cost any fee. The ActivePresenter free edition includes most of the features that are included in paid versions. But the unrestricted export is was imposed with limitations here for PNGs and JPEGs, MP4, WMV, AVI, WebM, and MKV formats. With the free edition, those output formats allow users to demonstrate features, however, it is, there will be added a watermark to the output for each and every design if you are using the ActivePresenter free edition. 

Standard Edition – This standard edition additionally allows the purposes of exporting images, flash videos, videos, and documents. Here you can export PowerPoint presentations and other HTML5 simulations. But the watermark is included in them.

Pro Edition – ActivePresenter Pro edition adds several quizzes output with HTML 5 and interactive simulations.

ActivePresenter features 

There is a collection of features included in ActivePresenter. So let;’s see those most highlighted features includes there.

activepresenter video recorder

Interactive eLearning features

  • Import all most all the PowerPoint Presentations ad facilities are enhanced
  • Configurable Hotkeys
  • Responsive Design
  • Screen Recording
  • Smart Capture
  • Full Motion for Recording
  • Webcam Recording
  • Smart Annotation
  • Microphone recording 
  • Speakers Recording
  • Lossless Quality

Advanced Editing- Audio and Video features  

  • The latest User Interface comes with Dark Mode 
  • Ability to insert multiple audios and videos into slides.
  • Multiple Media Layers
  • Audio editing
  • Video editing
  • Several advanced effects for audios such as fade In, fade-out, audio normalization, and noise reduction
  • Blur
  • Zoom-n-Pan
  • Text to speech
  • Spotlight
  • For videos effect, a green screen added
  • Closed Caption
  • Cursor Path
  • Multiple Languages

Output Formats features 

  • Video file export 
  • Export SCORM and xAPI
  • HTML5 export 
  • Office Documents export to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Backup
  • Report and tracking
  • Protection

activepresenter video editor

Download and install ActivePresenter for my PC – Windows OS and macOS

ActivePresenter is a recommended application. So now you can safely download ActivePresenter to your PC device and, you do not need to use VPNs here. If you select ActivePresenter free version ou can freely download the ActivePresenter trial version. Here it included all the features and, it is pretty enough for your usage. When concerned about the download process finally it is easy. Here you have to use a reliable download link. Sometimes there you can find fake sites that provide fake links. So you must select a named website for app downloads and select a supported download file. Then it will take just only a few seconds to complete the download and installation process. Here you have to agree with applicable terms and conditions and, then the app will run on your device. Then you have to select a path to save the file and, finally, you have done it successfully. 

Special Note

For ActivePresenter, it includes only one application setup package for both ActivePresenter free version and ActivePresenter paid version.

In the ActivePresenter free edition, it creates tutorials for videos, facilities come for export files to several formats. All those files have a watermark. 

The license key can use to remove watermarks for appropriate outputs.

The free edition includes all the new features and, it enables all the features. So using the trial version you can use all the features.   

Trial versions are not separated. 

The trial version of the ActivePresenter does not valid for a limited period. You can use it any longer. No limitations, 

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