ADV Screen Recorder Latest version Free Download for Android [6.52MB]

Are you looking for the best screen recording application for your Android device? Then you should know about ADV Screen Recorder, the most interesting app for screen recordings. Using ADV Screen Recorder, now you can record anything in your device’s screen, and it allows facilities to edit them as well. 

ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder now allows users to freely download and install using a few seconds. Through the Google Play store, here, you can download the application, and this is the most protected way. To use ADV Screen Recorder, it does not require advanced knowledge, and this is just simple.  

What is this ADV Screen Recorder?

Now ADV Screen Recorder is the most popular screen recording application among Android users. It is because the app provides many options for recordings and then for editing videos. Here it allows users to draw and write options over the related video clip. So then you can pick a color using your fingertips “doodle.” The other thing is here; it allows users to use both cameras, both front, and rear. Here it appears on the corner of the screen. Then you could able to adjust the resolution, bitrate, and FPS for using the setup option. 

ADV Screen Recorder Download

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More on ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder latest update now released, and this is for all the latest Android operating system users. Here users have the freedom to download the application freely. Using the apk file format now yours have the freedom to download the application, and this allows users to download the app without any mess directly.   Here it records all the recording in HD format and all those footages available in full HD quality. 

ADV Screen recorder includes fully functional features, and with the latest update, we can see modifies features and amazing functions with editing tools.  All those facilities allow users thousand of opportunities, and it makes the user more comfortable while using the application. 

Here the application design with several activities. Here it makes the user easy for pause, resume videos while recordings. Functions are user-friendly. So you can easily start and stop recordings using simple settings. To enable those facilities, you have to change app settings, and this is the way to select the quality of the video and sounds too. So now below, we can see the most highlighted facilities includes in  ADV Screen Recorder. Those are, 

  • Default and advanced recording facilities. (you can enable one of the suitable recording facility engines) 
  • Functions to  Pause Recording
  • Settings allow users to customize banners 
  • Trim Video and more 
  • Ability to use your favorite colors and users have the freedom to draw on the fly
  • Enables both cameras while recording 
  • Front or Back Camera enables while recordings 
  • Full customized texts

ADV Screen Recorder

Advantages of ADV Screen Recorder 

Using ADV Screen Recorder, apk file users have permission to direct download the application for your Android smart device. In fact, here you can use the Google play store, as it includes in the Play store app category. Here you can directly download the application from Google Play store. Now worldwide, millions of Android users get interested in this ADV Screen Recorder application, and most of them now use this for screen recordings. Here you can be engaged with below advantages, and those are, 

  • Ability to save online streaming videos
  • Wide compatibility
  • Support any platform 
  • Free of cost 
  • Included in the Google Play store
  • Available sharings with Social media, websites, and another basis
  • The best way for Technical assistance to catch bugs and issues
  • Ability to Save video calls and conferences and other edited footages in device memory

How to download ADV Screen Recorder?

Because of the collection of marvelous performances and benefits, Android users gathered around with ADV Screen Recorder. This is a user-friendly application, and now it allows the best compatibility for all the Smart Android devices. For download and install ADV Screen Recorder, users can now follow the steps below. 

Although ADV Screen Recorder does not release as a default Android application, users can freely download it from the Google Play store. This is a Google Play store application, and therefore it allows free access without requiring root access. Here you can find other direct download links and web sources for this application. But through Google Play store is the most recommended and protected way.  Using the Google Play store now, users can easily follow the instructions below. 

Step 01. Here users have to visit the Google Play store. Tap on the Play Store icon to open it. 

Step 02. When it opens, then search for “ADV Screen Recorder.” There you can see the results

Step 03. To begin the download process, tap on the install button. 

Step 04. Here the overall process takes only a few seconds, and then users can freely install the application to your Android smart device. 

By following the above steps, Android users have the freedom to download and install the ADV Screen Recorder quickly. Now you can enjoy screen recording by recording everything ongoing in your device screen. 

Why do we need a Screen Recorder ?- ADV Screen Recorder

With the arrival of screen recording apps, now it has become the most indispensable application on a smartphone. So using the most supported screen recording application, now you can enjoy the best opportunities included in the app. 

Screen recording is the best way to capture all-digital recordings of the content on your device screen. Here it records all the things that are happening on your screen. Here users have the freedom to record anything on their device screen such as record those playing games with scores while watching a movie or any other video clip while in a video call, conference, and any other thing that you are done with your mobile phone. 

The reason to use ADV Screen Recorder is, here it allows users to record videos in the best quality with best sounds. All the videos support HD quality, and in the meantime, after editing those recorded videos, users have the freedom to save those footages in their device memory.

This is the best way to create videos with instructions such as “how to install ADV Screen Recorder, How to start screen recordings, how to create a blogger, how to create a Gmail account,” and more. So while doing anything, you can record all the happenings. This is a miracle, and however, now it is possible. 

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