ActivePresenter Download | Screen Recorder & Video editor 2021

ActivePresenter is one of the best software that supports your PC. Now you can use it to take screenshots and, it can use to record screencasts as well. So this is the best way to create videos that you wish and, you are free to use your PC device with a huge full screen. Download ActivePresenter is a completely free process. Now you can directly download the latest version of ActivePresenter within a few seconds. 


Rather than other software, ActivePresenter is an intelligent application as it has the power to take intelligent and quick screenshots. Here it includes powerful tools for editing purposes. So it is easy to create presentations and then you can very quickly convert them to video formats. ActivePresenter application support WMV, AVI, MPEG-4, FLV, MP4, HTML formats in video converting, and interactive simulation for Flash and AJAX. In documents here it supports PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS formats. 

What is ActivePresenter ?

ActivePresenter has now supported both windows and mac operating system versions. It means without any mess you can directly download the latest ActivePresenter version for your windows operating system and your mac operating system. While downloading the application, here it does not affect your device privacy policy and, ActivePresenter is completely safe. 

For screen recordings, video recordings, sound recordings, image editings, add texts, and do many functions this is a powerful environment. 

ActivePresenter Download

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

 More about ActivePresenter 

ActivePresenter is one of the best software for screencasting and is known as wonderful software for eLearning. Fortunately, all the windows operating system users and mac operating system users get the freedom to freely download the application. Here it allows creating several types of software demonstrations, quizzes, and simulations for software. 

ActivePresenter is the best way to export collections of images, HTML formatting slideshows, documents. It supports several formats such as PDF, Excel, and Microsoft Word, all the presentations that create with Microsoft PowerPoint, different types of videos such as AVI, WMV, MP4, WebM and flash videos, interactive simulations such as, Adobe Flash and HTML5. 

When concerned about eLearning facilities, the ActivePresenter application has the ability to exported materials into formats such as xAPI or SCORM. Mouse hovers, right and left mouse clicks, modifier keypresses support for software simulations. Here all the PowerPoint presentations can easily convert for videos. Sometimes some animations effects may miss while using the tool to convert files indirectly but this is the best way to convert among several video formats. 

ActivePresenter support to save those captured screenshots in higher quality. Here you can use the audio track, no watermarks, no tile limitations, polish the quality of screenshots, edit video and audio files, use simple commands such as crop, cut, delete, adjust volumes and merge. 

ActivePresenter Editions

With the ActivePresenter application, there are three editions available. Those are the free edition, standard edition, and the pro edition. Totally they are different in prices.  

Free Edition – This is a freeware. So it does not cost any fee. The ActivePresenter free edition includes most of the features that are included in paid versions. But the unrestricted export is was imposed with limitations here for PNGs and JPEGs, MP4, WMV, AVI, WebM, and MKV formats. With the free edition, those output formats allow users to demonstrate features, however, it is, there will be added a watermark to the output for each and every design if you are using the ActivePresenter free edition. 

Standard Edition – This standard edition additionally allows the purposes of exporting images, flash videos, videos, and documents. Here you can export PowerPoint presentations and other HTML5 simulations. But the watermark is included in them.

Pro Edition – ActivePresenter Pro edition adds several quizzes output with HTML 5 and interactive simulations.

ActivePresenter features 

There is a collection of features included in ActivePresenter. So let;’s see those most highlighted features includes there.

activepresenter video recorder

Interactive eLearning features

  • Import all most all the PowerPoint Presentations ad facilities are enhanced
  • Configurable Hotkeys
  • Responsive Design
  • Screen Recording
  • Smart Capture
  • Full Motion for Recording
  • Webcam Recording
  • Smart Annotation
  • Microphone recording 
  • Speakers Recording
  • Lossless Quality

Advanced Editing- Audio and Video features  

  • The latest User Interface comes with Dark Mode 
  • Ability to insert multiple audios and videos into slides.
  • Multiple Media Layers
  • Audio editing
  • Video editing
  • Several advanced effects for audios such as fade In, fade-out, audio normalization, and noise reduction
  • Blur
  • Zoom-n-Pan
  • Text to speech
  • Spotlight
  • For videos effect, a green screen added
  • Closed Caption
  • Cursor Path
  • Multiple Languages

Output Formats features 

  • Video file export 
  • Export SCORM and xAPI
  • HTML5 export 
  • Office Documents export to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Backup
  • Report and tracking
  • Protection

activepresenter video editor

Download and install ActivePresenter for my PC – Windows OS and macOS

ActivePresenter is a recommended application. So now you can safely download ActivePresenter to your PC device and, you do not need to use VPNs here. If you select ActivePresenter free version ou can freely download the ActivePresenter trial version. Here it included all the features and, it is pretty enough for your usage. When concerned about the download process finally it is easy. Here you have to use a reliable download link. Sometimes there you can find fake sites that provide fake links. So you must select a named website for app downloads and select a supported download file. Then it will take just only a few seconds to complete the download and installation process. Here you have to agree with applicable terms and conditions and, then the app will run on your device. Then you have to select a path to save the file and, finally, you have done it successfully. 

Special Note

For ActivePresenter, it includes only one application setup package for both ActivePresenter free version and ActivePresenter paid version.

In the ActivePresenter free edition, it creates tutorials for videos, facilities come for export files to several formats. All those files have a watermark. 

The license key can use to remove watermarks for appropriate outputs.

The free edition includes all the new features and, it enables all the features. So using the trial version you can use all the features.   

Trial versions are not separated. 

The trial version of the ActivePresenter does not valid for a limited period. You can use it any longer. No limitations, 

V Recorder APK Download | Screen recorder, Video editor 2021

Screen recording is a wonderful process that is released with the development of technology. For mobile device technology now, this is the latest trend, and most of the users waiting for this screen recording facility.  For Android users, now we have one of the best applications for screen recording, and that is V recorder apk. 

v recorder

V recorder apk is a great application design for screen recordings. So now, you can use this to record everything that is happening on your device screen. Not only for screen recording now, but you can also use this to further editing of the recorded video, and there are lots of facilities included with video editing there.   So if you are looking for the best screen recording application, then you should download and install V recorder apk to your Android smartphone, tablets, and other devices. 

What is V recorder apk? 

The screen recording facility comes with the development of mobile technology. But now, it has become like a necessary process for mobile users. Here this is an exciting process as now you can record anything that happens on your device screen. There is a collection of screen recording apps right now. Among them, V recorder apk is the best option for you. 

V recorder apk is the latest solution for Android screen recording. In fact, it can be defined as the most stable and fluid recording app that was designed for screen recordings. Here now you can use this as a game recorder, video recorder for All the Android devices. This is an amazing all-in-one video editor for your Android smart devices. Now this V recorder apk 

Used among over 400 million users globally. The tool is easy to use, and now you can record videos with the best audio sounds in HD quality.

V recorder apk comes with several updates. The latest update is the best way to ignore issues and failures. By the way, the latest update includes the best features, and users have to update your V recorder app after each newest update release. 

v recorder apk

V Recorder Download

Download Now

More about V recorder apk 

Using the V recorder apk, now you can record anything with the best sounds.  So while playing a game now, you can record it, and this is the best way to show your talents among your friends as all the happening record while you are playing the game. So you can show your scores and talents while you are playing the game. 

The other best thing is, here, you can edit those recorded videos by adding filters, music, and effects using editing tools.  It does not contain watermarks and not any limitation for recording time. So now, you can create a high-quality video using this V recorder app, and here it does not require root access to get into the operating system. So finally, you can save your edited video in the device memory, and it allows for further sharing as well. 

 How to manage record settings on  V recorder apk?

When you open the application to edit changes, you have to go to the settings menu. Here you can change or select specific parameters to improve the results of the video file. Here you can edit /adjust the frame rate between 60 and 15. Then you can choose the resolution up to 1080p. Then select the video quality, and it should nearly 12MBPS for the best output. After changing all those settings, you can begin the recordings. 

Here when you finish the recording, you can edit them before save, Here it lets you trim the video into several clips. And then you can combine them easily. Then add music to the background, and now you have the freedom to adjust the volume as well. After all, users can save those videos, and you can share then directly on your favorite social media network. 

Key Advantages of the V recorder apk 

v recorder screenshot

There are thousands of reasons to use the V recorder apk. Here users have the freedom to easily hide those record windows and frameless video when it is still recording. The application tool is stable, and this is one of the stable screen video recorders for Android users. Here you can record all the tutorials using this recording facility. To begin the recordings, it required only a simple touch, and then you can easily record anything on the screen. So you can record voice with the best sounds here. Then one single tap to start, pause/resume, or step the video any time.

Because of the simple interface, users can easily manage the recordings, and it does not require advanced knowledge. Finally, the app comes with s simple interface, easy to record games. At the same time, you are playing, the ability to record live conversations and live shows, the ability to capture screenshots, edit videos, edit images, rec screen, and many more.

Because of the plenty of advantages and other super qualities of the V recorder apk, this is the most trending screen recording application among Android users now.  So if you are an Android user and still wondering to select the best screen recording app, now you can try V recorder apk as it is the best solution right now. 

Features of V recorder apk

For Android devices, V Recorder is the best  HD screen recorder that is freely available. Now you can use this application to record gameplays, video chats, videos, live shows, news, and apps.  Because you can easily download the application without rooting, most of the Android users love this V recorder apk and let’s see the latest features of the app. 

v recorder video editor

  • 100% FREE
  • NO root needed
  • NO recording time limit
  • One tap recording
  • Full HD quality video (1080p) 
  • Best facilities for Screen Recording 
  • Video Editor (Trim videos, remove unnecessary sessions, add background music ad more)
  • Screenshots
  • WiFi Transfer
  • Play and Share Videos
  • User guide

Download and install V recorder apk 

Android users now can easily follow the below steps for download and install V recorder apk to your Android smartphone. Here in the Google Play store, you cannot find this application, and through a direct download link users have to download the TV recorder apk file. 

Step 01. As the first step here, you have to  Download V recorder apk. So use a reliable download link, and through your web browser, it is easy to download and install applications. 

Step 02. When the download process completed, close all the open tabs. Then go to device settings. Tap on security settings. And then enable unknown sources. This is essential, and otherwise, if you did not enable it, you cannot complete the installation process.   

Step 03. Now open the downloaded V recorder apk file. You can find it on the downloads. 

Step 04. Now you have to click on “install” to begin the installation process. Then here, it will ask to agree with the terms and conditions.  To continue it, you must agree with them. Finally, the installation begins, and it takes only a few seconds to complete the installation process. 

Step 05. Now it’s all done.


FAQs on V recorder apk 

Q1. What is V recorder?

Answer: V recorder apk is the ideal screen recording application that is available for Android devices. Not only for screen recording now, but you can also use several editing tools to edit videos, and then save it in your device.  This is a simple tool, and anyone can easily use it without any advanced knowledge. 

Q2. What is the latest compatibility for V recorder apk?

Answer: This is an Android-based application. Here you can use V recorder apk for Android 5 and higher versions. Still for your iOS, this is not available, and in further days some changes may release. 

 Q3. Why should we use V recorder apk?

Answer: This is the best screen recording application designed for the Android operating system, and here it records all the things that are happening in your device screen. So while watching a movie, playing a game, or doing any other purpose, you can actively screen recording and record all the things on your mobile screen. This is entirely free, and now you can use it for all Android smart devices and tablets. 

Q4. Is that V recorder apk included in the Google Play store?

Answer: We know that V recorder apk is an Android-based application. But users cannot download the app through Google play store as V recorder apk not included in the Google Play store. Here users have to download the application from the internet directly. So use a trustworthy source as there can be lots of fake download links available. 

Q5. What is the legal status of V recorder apk?

Answer: V recorder apk is now available for Android users. So there does not have any legal barriers to download or use the application. So this is not an illegal application anymore. 

Q6. How to download TV recorder apk?

Answer: First, you have to select a compatible direct download link on V recorder apk. Then it allows direct download to your device. Here you have to enable unknown sources of your device and then continue the download process. 

Bandicam Download | Most advanced screen recording software for Windows

Are you looking for a wonderful solution to record everything that happens on your device screen? Then why don’t you try Bandicam application as it is an amazing application with dozens of possibilities for your Windows operating system? 

Basically,  Bandicam is the best screen recording application that supports multiple users to record all the things that appear on your device screen.  It will enable you to record various graphics technologies such as OpenGL or DirectX, as well as video games.

What is Bandicam ?

Bandicam can be defined as one of the most famous screen captures as well as one of the best screen recording utilities developed by  Bandisoft. Then later, Bandicam Company acquired all the powers to take screenshots and record screen changes.

Bandicam application designed in three modes. The first one is the Screen Recording mode. It can be used to record selected areas on your device screen.  The other accessible mode is the Game Recording mode. It can be used to record the created DirectX or OpenGL. Finally, the third recording mode allows users to record webcams and HDMI devices. 

Bandicam Download

Download Now

More about Bandicam 

There is something that you must know about this app. That is, those recorded videos took only less space, and all those screenshots and recorded videos come with the best quality. Using the configuration options of the program, users have the freedom to re-generate the quality as well as the size of your video. Here you can select the type of the channels, codex, the frames that play per second, the related audio bit rate, and the mouse cursor behaviour.

This is a user-friendly tool, and to record videos, games, make tutorials, this is the best option.  

bandicam download

Features of Bandicam 

All the features included in Bandicam increase the performances and those facilities affect to get the best results.  So now, let’s see the most highlighted features and functions of this Bandicam apk.  

Real-time Drawing allows users to draw and outline while recording the screen. 

  • Webcam Overlay facility allows users to add webcam videos of yourself to the recordings that you record.
  • Scheduled Recording- allows users to manage recordings on a specific time to a schedule.
  • Now you can mix your voice for the recordings at the same time. 
  • Users have the freedom to add mouse effects and animations while recording.
  • Chroma key for webcam overlay allows you to make real-time recordings on the screen. 

Download and install Bandicam for your Windows 

Bandicam is compatible with Windows operating systems. So now, users have the freedom to download the application directly from above download links, and this is entirely free. So anyone with a Windows operating system has the freedom to download Bandicam for your Windows directly. Here you have to download the Bandicam “.exe” file. Then tap on it, and it begins to run the app to complete the installation. Here it takes a few seconds, and then the process will end. 

Finally, the installation is completed, and then users have the freedom to use the downloaded Bandicam app for further screen recordings freely. 

ADV Screen Recorder Latest version Free Download for Android [6.52MB]

Are you looking for the best screen recording application for your Android device? Then you should know about ADV Screen Recorder, the most interesting app for screen recordings. Using ADV Screen Recorder, now you can record anything in your device’s screen, and it allows facilities to edit them as well. 

ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder now allows users to freely download and install using a few seconds. Through the Google Play store, here, you can download the application, and this is the most protected way. To use ADV Screen Recorder, it does not require advanced knowledge, and this is just simple.  

What is this ADV Screen Recorder?

Now ADV Screen Recorder is the most popular screen recording application among Android users. It is because the app provides many options for recordings and then for editing videos. Here it allows users to draw and write options over the related video clip. So then you can pick a color using your fingertips “doodle.” The other thing is here; it allows users to use both cameras, both front, and rear. Here it appears on the corner of the screen. Then you could able to adjust the resolution, bitrate, and FPS for using the setup option. 

ADV Screen Recorder Download

Download Now

More on ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder latest update now released, and this is for all the latest Android operating system users. Here users have the freedom to download the application freely. Using the apk file format now yours have the freedom to download the application, and this allows users to download the app without any mess directly.   Here it records all the recording in HD format and all those footages available in full HD quality. 

ADV Screen recorder includes fully functional features, and with the latest update, we can see modifies features and amazing functions with editing tools.  All those facilities allow users thousand of opportunities, and it makes the user more comfortable while using the application. 

Here the application design with several activities. Here it makes the user easy for pause, resume videos while recordings. Functions are user-friendly. So you can easily start and stop recordings using simple settings. To enable those facilities, you have to change app settings, and this is the way to select the quality of the video and sounds too. So now below, we can see the most highlighted facilities includes in  ADV Screen Recorder. Those are, 

  • Default and advanced recording facilities. (you can enable one of the suitable recording facility engines) 
  • Functions to  Pause Recording
  • Settings allow users to customize banners 
  • Trim Video and more 
  • Ability to use your favorite colors and users have the freedom to draw on the fly
  • Enables both cameras while recording 
  • Front or Back Camera enables while recordings 
  • Full customized texts

ADV Screen Recorder

Advantages of ADV Screen Recorder 

Using ADV Screen Recorder, apk file users have permission to direct download the application for your Android smart device. In fact, here you can use the Google play store, as it includes in the Play store app category. Here you can directly download the application from Google Play store. Now worldwide, millions of Android users get interested in this ADV Screen Recorder application, and most of them now use this for screen recordings. Here you can be engaged with below advantages, and those are, 

  • Ability to save online streaming videos
  • Wide compatibility
  • Support any platform 
  • Free of cost 
  • Included in the Google Play store
  • Available sharings with Social media, websites, and another basis
  • The best way for Technical assistance to catch bugs and issues
  • Ability to Save video calls and conferences and other edited footages in device memory

How to download ADV Screen Recorder?

Because of the collection of marvelous performances and benefits, Android users gathered around with ADV Screen Recorder. This is a user-friendly application, and now it allows the best compatibility for all the Smart Android devices. For download and install ADV Screen Recorder, users can now follow the steps below. 

Although ADV Screen Recorder does not release as a default Android application, users can freely download it from the Google Play store. This is a Google Play store application, and therefore it allows free access without requiring root access. Here you can find other direct download links and web sources for this application. But through Google Play store is the most recommended and protected way.  Using the Google Play store now, users can easily follow the instructions below. 

Step 01. Here users have to visit the Google Play store. Tap on the Play Store icon to open it. 

Step 02. When it opens, then search for “ADV Screen Recorder.” There you can see the results

Step 03. To begin the download process, tap on the install button. 

Step 04. Here the overall process takes only a few seconds, and then users can freely install the application to your Android smart device. 

By following the above steps, Android users have the freedom to download and install the ADV Screen Recorder quickly. Now you can enjoy screen recording by recording everything ongoing in your device screen. 

Why do we need a Screen Recorder ?- ADV Screen Recorder

With the arrival of screen recording apps, now it has become the most indispensable application on a smartphone. So using the most supported screen recording application, now you can enjoy the best opportunities included in the app. 

Screen recording is the best way to capture all-digital recordings of the content on your device screen. Here it records all the things that are happening on your screen. Here users have the freedom to record anything on their device screen such as record those playing games with scores while watching a movie or any other video clip while in a video call, conference, and any other thing that you are done with your mobile phone. 

The reason to use ADV Screen Recorder is, here it allows users to record videos in the best quality with best sounds. All the videos support HD quality, and in the meantime, after editing those recorded videos, users have the freedom to save those footages in their device memory.

This is the best way to create videos with instructions such as “how to install ADV Screen Recorder, How to start screen recordings, how to create a blogger, how to create a Gmail account,” and more. So while doing anything, you can record all the happenings. This is a miracle, and however, now it is possible. 

AZ Screen Recorder APK Latest version free Download Officially [18 MB]

Screen recording is a common procedure, and now the screen recording facility enables through your mobile devices as well. So using a better mobile screen recording application users have the freedom to record anything that is ongoing in your device screen simply. AZ screen recorder is such an amazing application, and now you have the freedom to freely download it to your Android handset through Google Play store. Here AZ screen recorder compatible with Android Lollipop or upper versions. 

az screen recorder

What is AZ screen recorder ?

AZ screen recorder is one of the most popular Android applications. Here it can use among your mobile devices for screen recordings, and this is a wonderful opportunity for users as the app is totally free and compatible with a wide range of  Android smart devices.  When concerned about the most important path of the application, AZ screen recorder does not ask for root permission to get access for the Android operating system.  Here the app does not include restrictions or limitations, no watermark for screen recordings or for screenshots, freely environment without ads, user-friendly application and simple management process, options to start and stop recordings and much other plenty of benefits. 

If you download AZ screen recorder, then you are free to get screenshots, screencast videos, modified facilities with new updates, and there you can enjoy tons of facilities with several interesting opportunities for global users.

AZ Screen Recorder APK Download

Download Now

More on AZ Screen Recorder

Apk is the supported format for download AZ screen recorder. For Android users, this is not so far an issue as users have the freedom to download the app through the Google Play store directly.   The application provides a high-quality facility and its recording saved in HD quality. So users have the freedom to convert previously recorded videos to full HD quality using this screen recorder. By the way, this is the best quality of the application, and the app adding plenty of other features for screen recording as well.   

When concerned about the process of screen recording, here it allows users necessary facilities for stat videos, pause the video, resumes video while recording and stop it. The application comes with tons of facilities. Users can easily enable those hidden facilities. For that, you have to change the app settings and advanced settings. If you are searching for the best screen recording tool with the best quality to improve the video quality, AZ Screen Recorder is the best application for you. Here it allows users below facilities, 

  • Freedom for resolution changings  
  • Bit-rate 
  • Screen orientation
  • Facility to share videos 
  • Time customization
  • Freely available and more
  • View videos
  • Delete videos
  • Directory selections 

The need for a Screen Recorder

Basically, in business purposes having screen recording facility make the process more fruitful. Fortunately, now this facility comes to your mobile phone as well. So this will be an amazing option for users as now they can use mobile screen recording apps even in their smartphone as well.  

This screen recording allows users to capture a digital record of the content on your device screen. So users have the freedom to create their own video while playing a game, while typing, while in a video call while watching a movie or a video clip and anything else. Here  AZ Screen Recorder comes in good quality for video and sounds as well.  Here you can easily create a video while doing the process for giving instructions to others “ how to install the app, steps for download games, how to open a Google doc,  how to create Google accounts”  or anything. While doing the process, you can record anything. Isn’t it a miracle? With AZ Screen Recorder now all those facilities are alive. 

Features of AZ Screen Recorder

az screen recorder

For Android users, AZ Recorder is a wonderful selection, and this is the best screen recording tool among other plenty of applications. Android users now can freely use this tool, and it allowed to download the application from the Google play store. When comparing the application with other apps, here it is designed with tons of latest facilities. Those are,

  • The front camera for  video
  • Magic button 
  • Counting down timer
  • Cut, merge all the videos
  • Draw anything on  your device the screen
  • Live streaming availability 

And there are some other plenty of features too. So we can recommend the application 100% and why don’t you try it still?

Benefits of using  AZ Screen Recorder with your Android

Screen recording facility is a beneficial opportunity. Now this facility available for mobile devices and using the best application users can easily have the screen recording facility. AZ Recorder is now released for Android devices and let’s see reasons and benefits to using Screen Recorder with your Android smartphone. 

  • Users can save streaming videos plays online
  • Wide compatibility for several platforms
  • Freely available
  • Categorized in the Play store
  • Ability to save all the screen recordings included in websites, social media and any other 
  • The ideal path for  several Technical assistance support you to easily catch bugs from the recording 
  • Users have the freedom to save conferences as well as video calls. 

How to Download and install AZ Screen Recorder?

With that plenty of benefits, most of the Android users now waiting for download and install  AZ Recorder. Here you can easily download it from Google Play store or using a direct download link. But for all the compatible users now have the permission to download the application from the Google play store. This is a simple process and users have the freedom to continue the process. 

As the download facility is available through the play store. There is no need to use other web sources for download Screen Recorder in apk format. So let’s see how to do this process. 

Here you have to open the Play store application. Now search for AZ Screen Recorder. Click the install button to begin the process. It takes several seconds, and then you can freely install the application to your Android smartphone. Then you have the freedom to use the application on your smartphone screen recordings at any time. So now you are free to use this app to noted all happenings in your smartphone device screen.